Emergency IT support

Service as a Service

Quite often one little bump in the road can cause business downtime... To avoid it, use our IT emergency support services!

Emergency IT support

Remote Office Support
Whenever your employees will be at a loss with any tech issue, do not hesitate to request one of our support engineers for help!

Desktop Support
The service maximizes uptime of users and enables business efficiency. We aim to achieve maximum return on investment, by providing users with a reliable, secure and powerful window into the vast array of knowledge tools and services available through corporate networks.

Server Support
Server Management is a complete management solution for a server environment. Servers house the critical functions for a business providing resources for the day-to-day transactions that make an organization tick.
Imperial Logic takes on a multi-vendor server environment, providing services from procurement to implementation, operating system management through to security, backup and recovery. We work with our customers to identify mission-critical servers and the workhorses, and structure services to ensure that business can continue to operate. Linked with our Application Management services we can ensure that your business can deliver information to the right people at the right time.

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